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Joe & Jonelle Louw are South African based filmmakers and photographers, with an outstanding artistic ability to capture images of pristine quality. They share a passion for the outdoors and everything that nature has to offer. Travelling to remote areas on the African continent, whilst using their talents to share their experiences from their many journeys with others, is only a pleasure.

After successfully earning their photography diplomas in 1999 and 2000 respectively, they travelled abroad to expand their knowledge where after they started their own wedding photography business. Spending about eight years in the industry and winning several awards for photographic excellence, the desire to specialise in wildlife and general travel photography grew even stronger. Their dedication for wildlife filming and photography led them to selling their highly successful business to follow their true passion.

Today they specialise in capturing scenic, wildlife, abstract, documentary and other travel related images and footage while creating a fast growing stock library of their own. All the footage is shot on cutting-edge HD technology and is reproduced with a top of the range editing suite. The still images are captured on the highest quality film available, by making use of Hasselblad or 35mm camera. Digital medium is only used in the wildlife category.
A number of the images on their website are available as limited edition "Fine Art Prints". The footage is also available for various uses. You can also join them on private photographic courses to various parts of Africa or attend a short course on composition and basic photography improvement.


They like to think of themselves as photographers, not as digital painters or editors. Therefore they strive to produce artistic images reflecting natural, unmanipulated images. Only a very small amount of images are altered to portray a desired effect.

Nature conservation is of the utmost importance to both of them and they strongly believe that every decision you make today will have an impact on the environment tomorrow! For this reason it is essential to financially support companies and non-profitable organisations that focus on conserving and protecting wildlife and the environment.