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Joe & Jonelle come alive when spending time in the remote outdoors. It is a huge blessing for them to have the opportunity to visit some of the continents most remarkable places, bringing you superb works of art. Living on a continent which offers such pristine beauty all around is an honour.

It is no easy feat to obtain these results and it requires much dedication and persistence to deliver only the best. Working and living conditions are often extremely harsh whilst travelling and it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. This is indeed what Joe and Jonelle were born for, to be surrounded with raw nature as much as possible.


Most of their time is spent searching for those remarkable images. Some of the images are easily discovered yet others can take days to reveal themselves. Once a subject or a scene has been found, it is decided what light and composition will compliment the image to portray a desired feeling.

Part of the excitement lies in the anticipation of only seeing the image once the film has been developed. They still choose to use film for many reasons, mostly because it leaves no room for error and all camera settings and adjustments must be finalised before the shutter is pressed. The results are only revealed much later when the film has been processed at a photographic laboratory.

Here are a few images showing what is happening on their magical journeys. This should encourage you to enjoy their God-given talents with more appreciation.